Saturday, October 31, 2009


'Bobolink' is a very nice surprise! I purchase new varieties for my collection when they are just tiny little 2" starts. And it is very rare for any of them to have flowers on them. So I often don't know what a new variety is going to look like until it starts to bloom.

Which is one of the reasons for posting a fuchsia from my collection here each day. To help provide one more source of photographs of upright fuchsias in bloom. If you go to my website, you'll see examples for full sized bushes for each variety that has grown large enough to be called a bush ;-)

So this little guy is going to be an upright bush full of these blossoms someday. You'll see! It was transplanted into this five gallon container just before a heat wave. When a small plant is transfered to a much larger container, it will spend all of it's energy growing roots for a long time. It will seem as though it isn't doing anything at all. But once it has done that, and has the root system in place to support allot of growth, it will explode with new growth. Of course, we are headed for winter now, so we will see. The days still get warm and they are out in the full sun, so there is still time for some good growth to happen.
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