Monday, October 26, 2009

Blue Eyes

'Blue Eyes' is usually grown as a hanging basket. Fortunately, I felt that it didn't need to be and it is now a two foot high bush right next to my four foot high Voodoo. Another fuchsia which can go either way and is usually grown as a hanging basket. Which is sad, because most hanging basket fuchsias are treated like annuals and thrown away when it gets too hot for them to cope with being in those small pots, or when it gets too cold. Have I mentioned this before ;-)?

The blues are my favorite. I am hoping that someday I will find an upright fuchsia with this corolla and white sepals. Blue Eyes lives out in the full sun and cold winter without ill effect. Did you know fuchsia flowers can be used as decorations on deserts? They are edible, but I haven't tried eating one yet. I doubt they taste all that wonderful, but at least now you know they can't do you any harm and can be useful. They can also be floated in bowls of water. And if it is a variety with nice long sprigs of blossoms, they make great floral arrangements.
Examples of full sized bushes of most of my upright fuchsia collection can be found on my website. There is a link to it here to your right.
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