Friday, October 23, 2009

Billie Green

'Billie Green' was another mistake, or so I thought :-)

It looked too much like Gartenmeister Bonstedt to me! And that one just shouts boring at me!

They are members of a "Section" of fuchsias called Triphyllas. They are "cultivars" of Triphyllas. They have red tinged foliage and long tubular corollas. And as far as I know, are always a shade of orange or close to it.

But 'Billie Green' has won my heart. It's not only is a heat champion, it is growing faster than almost any other fuchsia cultivar I have except 'Cardinal.' The blossoms have a wonderful pink, almost "peachy," tinge to the orange. And it is always covered with hundreds of blossoms. I would say it is crowned with blossoms. The hummingbirds are certainly happy with it :-D
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