Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bashful Lady

'Bashful Lady' is not listed as being a winter hardy upright, but I am hoping she will turn out to be one. This isn't the best photo I've ever taken, and I will replace it as soon as it recovers from the heat wave we had late this summer. It is growing well now, but did sustain some damage. Sometimes the heat combined with full sun just causes them to grow much more densely than they would otherwise. Which can make it seem as though they are growing slower. And sometimes if a fuchsia sustains sun damage, it was because they were transplanted too close to the time of year when extremes in heat can be expected and it doesn't have time to grow a root system which would enable it to deal with the extremes in heat. This one probably would have been better off in an area with a little more protection from the sun. But growing upright fuchsias out in the open is a very important part of the entire plan here. Next, I'll be finding out which ones can handle the cold.
And on an entirely different page, I am also going to try my hand at growing a few varieties as indoor blooming houseplants. I have heard of this and want to see how that goes.
Plus, I have planted three varieties as bonsai! There is a whole website devoted to fuchsias as bonsai. I think it is a great idea!
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