Monday, October 19, 2009

Barbara Hanson

'Barbara Hanson' was a bit hard to track down! It is listed on the FindThatFuchsia website, but with no details. Which is unusual, as they list the colors of the sepals and corolla, the form (upright or trailer), the country a variety was hybridized in, the hybridizer, and the year a new variety was hybridized. The records go all the way back to the early 1800's! If possible, they also provide a photo of the fuchsia flower.

In this case, the photo has been provided by the Vallejo Fuchsia Society in California. I am a bit surprised FindThatFuchsia didn't even list the colors of this blossom. The double corolla is such a striking color with the purple fading into pink at the top of each petal.

This is one more I will be waiting on to see how big it will get. So far, it hasn't grown as fast as most of the others. It could be not as heat tolerant as they are. Perhaps it will surprise me now that the weather has cooled off.
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