Sunday, October 18, 2009

Autumn Orange

'Autumn Orange' has a wonderful shade of dusky rose, so much like the leaves of autumn and not the colors one would normally associate with fuchsias. Like all of the fuchsias in my collection, it is an upright bush. And like so many of them, it is a new one for me and is not yet very big. So it will be a while before I see what it looks like as a bush.

I know I really need to update the website with photos of my fuchsias as full sized bushes. That is one of the promises I've made which makes Pedricks Corner (the website, not this blog) different. All the other websites just give you a peek at a flower. Most of the time, you can't even see what the leaves are supposed to look like. One of the remarkable features of fuchsias is that the foliage of each variety is as unique to that variety as it's flower! A practiced eye can tell what variety a fuchsia is by just it's foliage. There are very few other plants one can do that with. Fibrous begonias are another, and they too, originate primarily from South America!

So my goal is to show examples of each variety of fuchsia in my collection as both a close up, and as a full sized bush. What form a bush will take, should impact ones decision in acquiring new varieties that are going to be part of a landscape.
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