Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Abby Rose

This fuchsia was actually a generic one gallon purchased at a retail chain stores garden department with the simple label on it of "Upright Fuchsia." Which means it is not a variety which has been registered with a name. So I named it after my niece!

It cannot be found in the Plant Files of DavesGarden.com or any other source, because only fuchsias with registered names, the hybridizer, and the date of hybridization are considered for entry. This saves us all a great deal of confusion if adhered to.

'Abby Rose' could probably be grown as either an upright or a hanging basket. But I don't grow hanging baskets, they die way to quickly in the size of pots one can use for hanging. With a bit of pruning, she has developed and a form unique to herself. What form a bush is going to take, is another aspect of fuchsias one will never see in a hanging basket and almost never see at any website. Except mine ;-) I dedicate a whole section just to photographs of them as bushes.
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