Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Website

The website is finally up and running! It isn't finished yet, but by the end of this week-end, I hope to have all of the inventory entered and all of the PayPal buttons in place. As well as a shopping cart.
I have put it at the top of my list of favorite websites here, ha, ha!
I confess to being very, very concerned that learning how to do this in time was going to be beyond my abilities. I owe allot to many people who gave me good advice along the way.

And I think I would really enjoy continuing my education in web design!! It's fun!!
This one was designed on-line via OfficeLive. Another one, which will replace it, is being designed in Dreamweaver. That is the program I am really trying to learn.

I also need to thank my friend Robert Cruz for all of his stunning photographs. Plus my sister Phoebe and her husband Dave, for their photos. What would a plant nursery website be without photos!!?? All of the old photos of mine there, will be replaced in the future with better one. For now though, I felt something was better than nothing.

So I hope that you all will take a moment to visit the site. And once it is finished, I am also hoping you all will e-mail a link to it, to all of your friends and family. And ask them to send it on. The more it gets spread around, the more likely it is to be seen by future customers out there.
Meanwhile, please bear in mind that it is not finished ;-) when you write me with your suggestions.

Have a great day! CatSmiling
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