Sunday, May 17, 2009

Still Working On Website...

It has been a very busy two weeks since I last wrote here. Of course, last Sunday was Mothers Day. These holidays ya know!?
Meanwhile, as I learn how to build websites, I also bought 10 more varieties of upright fuchsia's, bringing my total to 60. One of these days it is going to be at least 100!!
Here below, is a photo from way back when I was first really trying to add to my collection. These are all the little future stock plants getting ready to be tucked in for the winter in 2007. Their big bro's ( the original collection) are in the ground in the back yard at this time.

And here is a photo from today! As you can see, they have grown a bit! And this is after they have been cut repeatedly for propigation! You can't see them all because now it would be impossible to get them all into one photo. So as soon as a fair number of the collection are all in bloom at the same time, I promise to shoot a little video tour.
We had a bit of a heat wave here. Plus, the sun is now rising and setting so much farther north, that the area where I used to keep the new cuttings in the shade, was no longer in the shade! Yicks! Not only were they getting a bit of rising sun, by about 2pm. they were in full sun again. Even with the misting system, the new cuttings just cannot endure that!
So yesterday and today was a frantic race to build another area to keep them in, and move the misting system. Everyone made the transition okay! Some wilted in the heat while they waited on me, but they perked back up again after a while in the cool shade and on the cool mud floor of their new digs ;-)

This is just a photo of what I think is kinda cool. I haven't propigated this fuchsia yet. Because I can't bring myself to cut it down out of the cherry trees it has grown up into! I still don't take the best photos. I wish you could see how it looks like a dream of ruby red gum drops covered with icing, dripping down all over under the cherries.
Now, I've got to get back to work on that website! It ain't easy ;-)
But it is fun!

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