Sunday, March 8, 2009

Two Weeks Later

Here we are, two weeks after my first set of 10 trays.

And what is this? No, it isn't a photo of more trays. But I do think I am getting better at using my digital camera! This is my Elfin King as it continues to open more blossoms. Remember the photo down below that a friend took? His is better, but now there are so many more open blossoms, I couldn't resist taking some on my own.

Now for the trays...

Okay, I didn't get them all filled this time. They didn't get here until Friday! And then my bad friends pulled me away from my work to party at their house. I took some videos of them. I'll have to post one here.

At least in this photo, you can see that everybody is doing just fine! The oldest cuttings are now two weeks old and everyone is alive! I have been blessed with rainy and cool weather to keep my babies happy while I am away working. Those trays without cuttings won't be that way for long and I'll be ordering my 3rd set tomorrow. Each one of these trays is filled with a different variety of fuchsia.

Here are several of the party goers! Ha, ha, they know who they are! They were grilling pizza. I didn't eat any of the pizza's, just the toppings. Which were wonderful. The location of this pizza frenzy was also where the nursery is, so I DID manage to get some work in there ;D

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