Sunday, March 1, 2009

One Week Later

Here they are one week later!
That right there is 670 cuttings.
The second set of 10 trays are on their way!

This is my little Mandarin Orange tree. Yes, he needs to be fed so he'll get his color back, but I am thrilled he didn't sustain as much damage during the freezes as I feared he would. And you can see he is covered with little green oranges. Just waiting for warm sunny weather to ripen them.

What I really love though, are cherries. These are my nectorine and cherries just starting to bloom. Now, they not only love to freeze in the winter, they need to freeze in order to produce a good crop. So I am sure they are happy campers!

The little guy out front is a true dwarf peach. He is over 30 years old and has never needed to be pruned. He may have gotten a little bit bigger had he lived in the ground. But when I move, he goes with me! I just love the show he puts on every spring with his dark pink double blossoms. The peaches are just a plus :)

Stayed tuned for further adventures in gardening......

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