Sunday, March 29, 2009

Catching Some Rays and The New Guys

Here they are! These are the new guys! Why are they so much better? Well for one thing, I can stack them with room to spare between them. So cuttings could be stacked and keep each other in the shade. But the best thing about them can be seen in the next photo.

Here they are full of potting soil. And if you look closely at the farthest end of these trays, you will see two cones lying on top. I pulled those two out so you can see that every one of the 200 cones that go into each tray, can be easily pulled out.
That is why they are so much better! Now I can condense trays as rooted cuttings sell, instead of having to wait for an entire tray to empty before I can use it again :)
As you can see, the kids are all doing fine and some even got a chance to catch some rays this weekend! The ones still covered are the youngest and must be kept covered for a few more weeks.

This tray has Diane's fuchsia cuttings in it. She is going to be getting 26 varieties of fuchsia's and they are all in this tray of 200 new cuttings. Since she ordered such a variety, I figured I ought to fill the tray with at least 5 each of everyone she asked for, and 10 of most of them.
She will be keeping an eye on their progress via this blog! When they are all rooted and growing, they will be shipped out to her garden :)
Okay, give them a few hours or maybe even an entire day to perk up, okay? They just got cut and planted in this photo! Wait till you see them next week.

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