Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Bedtime Story

Here are all the little babies. The oldest are now four weeks old! Those are the ones in the far distance. Now comes the tricky part, the transition from keeping them covered, to living in the open. And since only the oldest can do that yet, I will be very concerned about them!
Even my blueberry cuttings are doing fine :)

This is the bedtime story below, ha, ha! This is all the little cuttings wrapped up in their special blankets to keep them moist and happy. It was SO windy this weekend, I was very glad I was home to keep the blanket moist. The wind dried it out much faster than usual. I've got to get an automatic timed watering system to spray them down while I am gone!

So where are the new trays I was talking about? It was necessary to do some repairs this week and the purchase of the new trays had to be put off for a week. The cool thing about them is that the cones can be moved in the trays. The trays will each hold 200 cones, just like a tray holding shaved ice-cones.
What makes them so much better, is that as they sell, I can condense the trays to make room for more. Saving allot of space in a little nursery like mine.
Below is a tree I grew from the pit of a Satsuma Plum! Satsuma's are a large gold plum that are so sweet and wonderful, not at all tart like other plums. Of course, this tree does not produce true Satsuma plums, instead they are only about 1.5 inches across. But they are like golden drops of nectar when they are ripe. And the tree is just beautiful when it is covered with them.
Of course I also love it when it is in bloom. It's too bad I didn't have the camera on video instead of stills, because just after I took this photo, the wind blew a cloud of petals at me! Like a special kind of snow!
Happy Spring!

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