Sunday, February 22, 2009

What Has She Been Talking About?

They are finally here!!

"Houston, we have lift-off!!"

For all of you who have been wondering what in the world I have been talking about for the last couple of years, here they are below. Pedricks Corner's first set of 10 rooting trays. They didn't have as many cells as I thought, only 67 each. Still, that is 670 potential rooted cuttings for sale soon.

Today I got busy starting to fill those cells up with cuttings. It may sound crazy, but a rainy or overcast day is a perfect day to make cuttings and give them a chance to get started before it gets warm and dry.

Here's a photo of the first cuttings. The hard part is going to be keeping these guys moist and happy until they can root. As I fill these up and as they grow, I will take more photos. I actually filled up three of the trays today, but that photo didn't come out very well.

They get covered with a special breathable blanket so they won't dry out while I am at work. And they are on the north side of the house, so they will never be in the direct sun until they are ready and I move them.

Pedricks Corner received yet another positive rating today on!!

So here is hoping that the next set of 10 trays can be purchased ASAP. THIS is the time to be getting the cuttings started and I would really love to have at least 30-50 of these by the end of March. I am so excited :)

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