Monday, February 16, 2009

Spring is on the way!

I just know spring is on it's way when the flower buds on my fruit trees start to show color and promise to pop open any day!

Plus, a friend of mine took this photo yesterday, of the offspring from an orchid which was given to me while I was in the hospital two years ago. This year, it and it's siblings are blooming even better than last year! Yes Aunt Jodi, I grew these from little shoots off of the original orchid. They are a type of dendrobium and I believe the name of this one is Elfin King.

For those of you who read my blog when I was talking about the mystery plant I really want to grow and sell, well here is a photo of what will be one of my stock plants. It is a type of fibrous begonia in the cane variety. They are sometimes called "Angel Wing" begonias. They make great house plants and some varieties can get 4-6 feet tall!! Mine is already three feet tall. When they bloom, they put out big bunches of flowers. I can't wait to take of photos of mine doing that!

And for those of you tracking the progress of my little venture, this is a photo of my latest product. An assortment of five dried aromatics in gauze drawstring bags. Most of which I dried and/or grew myself. So far, I have sold enough to finally purchase more ink for shipping labels, ha, ha! Best of all, I was finally able to order 10 of the special rooting trays I need to produce 100's of rooted cuttings!! Yeah!! That is enough for 1,000 cuttings! Eventually, I hope to have at least 50 of these trays! I'll post of photo of one with cuttings in it as soon as I can!

Meanwhile, Pedricks Corner has continued to get good reviews at Every time it gets a good review, it makes it onto the page of lastest reviews. I have registered the domain name, and now need to find time to finally build that website....

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