Friday, September 1, 2017

Great News!

  Everything is moving forward!  In two more weeks I will finally be open to the public.  At first, I will not have much at all because the cuttings I am making will not be plants big enough to sell until next spring.
  But I am also sowing tons of seed so I will have something to sell during the winter.  I have always loved Primrose for winter color.

  The really big news today though, is that a story about Pedricks and Pedicks Corner was published in a well read/followed blog that is a branch of the site Marketplace Pulse
  They began a blog where they look for people who really do make handmade items from all over the world and it is called Handmade Hunt.
  Please share this post!  I put a link below.
  Handmade Hunt - Pedricks

  If I am going to be able to focus on growing instead of getting another job to pay for supplies and the rent of the greenhouse, then I need to move some inventory.  Both my inventory of lavender and Michael's inventory of plants so he can make room for me in the greenhouse prior to me moving in.
  The logistics of the move are dicey because I need to be sowing seed and making cuttings, which will be in too sensitive a state to be transported.  Yet I do not yet have much room in the greenhouse.  So I need to work at both sites at once and monitor all the babies.  And continue to build the website.
  Need some inspiration!?  Here is a new member to my inventory, 'Waconda Queen'  :)

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