Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First Sale Via New Website!

'Sister Sister' was the first sale from the new website!  It is one of the stock plants which didn't suffer any damage this winter and has just recently been put into the ground here at the new location.  So I am really looking forward to seeing how big she can get.
Sorry folks, the customer bought all of them I had available!  Don't worry though, many more are on the way.

In regards to the stock plants which suffered the worst damage.  They were closer to the road and I believe it was the combination of cold weather and the wind chill from passing cars which caused the damage I will be showing here in the future as those ones regrow.  I took photos of the frozen victims so I could also show them coming back.  The majority of the ones which faired the best, were either close to or under a huge oak tree.  But then there were those like 'Sharkie' and 'Seaforth' to name a few, who were out in the wide open, planted deep in the ground, that never had any damage at all!!
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