Monday, March 22, 2010

Iced Champagne - Bush

'Iced Champagne' is one of the medium sized bushes. Not one the rapid ones needing allot of room right away, nor one of the much slower ones which may take a couple of years to fill in a space. Normally, I don't go for white flowers, as any form of damage seems to jump out at you. But this one has taken me by surprise. It is hard to tell in my photograph, but this white has a slightly creamy pink tone to it. I'll try to produce a better photo by this summer. This bush was among those which sustained some damage due to freezing this winter. It is growing out of it very well, but won't be ready for a photo shoot for a bit longer. One big project this coming fall, will be to re-arrange the collection so that varieties which are more sensitive to freezing temperatures will all be together and can receive a higher level of protection than their sturdier relatives. Many in my collection received no protection at all and are currently covered with flowers! 'Iced Champagne' is definately worth the effort!
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