Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gypsy Prince - Bush

'Gypsy Prince' is another one of the few which grace my small front yard. Right beside the walkway that leads to the house. It blooms year round here on the central coast of California. Even during freezes that damaged others nearby. I even took some Christmas photos of big round red blossoms because they reminded me of ornaments! It is not one of the faster growing upright bushes. But it has attained a nice height and I don't have to prune it, so this is a good thing. It also has thick and sturdy branches to hold up the big blossoms it produces. Only one wayward branch is currently being tied to a temporary post until it redirects itself.
Wow, I haven't posted since last Wednesday! Pedricks Corner just received it's 40th positive review in the Garden Watchdog at! I am very hopeful for this year!
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