Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cardinal - Bush

'Cardinal' is one of the fastest growing fuchsias I have ever grown! It went from a small cutting to a full sized bush as tall as me in less than one year! You can read about how I found it (aka Larry) in the archived posts here. A friend of mine says he has seen this one growing up to the second story of houses here on the central coast of California, and I believe him because I have seen magellanicas do as well. But magellanica's don't have flowers this big. This one can put out enough new canes (if you imagine roses) full of flowers all spring and summer long, that it could easily produce enough to fill and refill your cut flower vases. Yes, fuchsia make great additions to floral arrangements and the flowers last a long time.

This afternoon and I went and purchased a few new varieties for my collection. I now have 148 varieties. I can't wait to see what the new guys look like when they bloom ;-)
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