Monday, November 9, 2009


'Coachman' is going to be one of my most favorite upright fuchsias. Because of it's much denser growth habit than Chang. And because it is orange, like Chang. I know, crazy huh!? Because blue is my favorite color and here I am collecting orange fuchsias!

But orange and blue are complimentary colors that go so well together :-)

And I do have lots of other colors, as you will see.

Coachman is growing very well. A bit low, but strong. So I am going to need to prune it into a more upward form. This one would make a great sculptured hedge like they do with junipers and other dense evergreens. You know, when they cut and clip them into all of those shapes? Like cheerleaders with pompoms. Like topiaries. Ah! Fuchsias as topiaries! Interesting possibilities.....
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