Friday, August 21, 2009

The Pink Pinecones Continue To UnFurl

First, I just had to add this upright fuchsia to my collection this morning. Isn't that black purple just incredible!? It's name is Rohees New Millenium. Rohees are famous hybridizers, in Europe I believe. They love fuchsias over there! I almost never, ever buy new varieties larger than the little 2" starts. I had to think about this one for a while. Even went home and came back four hours later!

This is one of the stock Justicia's hanging out in the full sun almost all day long! The hummingbirds just love them.
And here is the big guy, still unfolding. You can see some color up near the roof now. Believe it or not, if I dead head it, this will still be blooming in January. Todays task is to chop up some of the poor stock plants currently blooming......but it must be done if I am going to make more them. At least this one doesn't need to be cut anymore!

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