Sunday, March 15, 2009

Third Week and Moving Forward

Okay, I know it doesn't look that exciting, but there are thirty trays down there and when the last four in the distance are filled, that will be 2,010 cuttings in the process of rooting!
I had a bit of a "heart attack" this week when the company which is the only source I have been able to locate that sells these trays wrote me to let me know they had just sold all the rest of these and had no plans to purchase more until next year!
I panicked! I asked about the next size up and the next size down, no, they were all gone.....
But I did NOT give up! Without these trays, or something like them, I have no hope of moving forward. What I wound up finding is actually much better than these trays and I am looking forward to placing my first order for them this week.

This is a closer picture of the first cuttings I did. I am still amazed that I have not yet lost a single solitary cutting! My biggest fear is that they will dry out while I am gone to work. And although I do keep them covered, there is then the danger that if they are too wet, they could rot instead. At the nursery, we had a special house with an automatic misting system which would spray about every ten minutes. Even so, we would wind up dumping hundreds of little pots of dead cuttings that didn't make it.
I know we all love warm sunny weather, but I truley have been blessed with perfect weather at the perfect time this year. Last year, my stock plants were not yet large enough to make this many cuttings. And I couldn't afford these trays, let alone the quality planting mix need to fill them.
I am so filled with hope!

Why are the new kind of trays so much better? Well, check in next week to see!

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