Saturday, December 13, 2008

Long Term Goals

Some globe trotting friends of mine have reminded me of one of my long term goals. And that is to have the time to paint again! That is one reason why I am trying to start my own little business. I am not out to make allot of money. I just want to have flexible hours to work, a little piece of land for my nursery to call my own, and the time to paint.

Preferably paintings of other cultures around the world. So I am depending on my world traveling friends out there to provide me with material! And you all know who you are. Pick out some cool ones for me!

This painting is from a magazine, so I can't ever sell it. It is from back before terrorists when the Afghanistans were fighting the Russian tanks with WWI rifles on horseback. This man was a tribal leader and to me this photo was the epitome of calm under pressure. Looking at him, you'd never know what he and his family and friends were going through.

The photo is pre-digital, so I apologize for quality of it. I had to scan the photo.

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